About MDKC

Hey there!

We’re Megan and Denell; we’ve been best friends for nearly 12 years and we’ve been a photography duo since 2016. Not only do we know our way around a digital camera, but we know the ins and outs of 35mm film photography, which is what both of us got our start on (shout out to Mr. Starek).

What started out as a way for us to start photographing concerts together expanded into portraits, weddings, lifestyle, films, and everything in between that caught our eye. We’re confident between the two of us we’ll be able to give you the unique photo experience you’re looking for. Megan is our film and wedding buff, with 8 years of wedding experience in her belt, while Denell is our music aficionado, photographing bands and concerts since 2013 and has an amazing eye for capturing people in powerful moments. Whether it’s a couple’s session, family photos, engagement, or your big day we love brining our own style and inspirations to the table to create a unique experience and giving you the photos you will cherish for years to come.

If you are interested in hiring us for work outside of portrait and weddings; give us a shout! We love broadening our horizons and the two of us love working outside our norm!


Megan Ross

  • Photographer for 8 years, learning everything she knows from her dad, Tim Ross, who owns Tim Ross Photography

  • UMKC Alumni

  • Loves working on documentaries and photographing weddings, people, nature, and cities.

  • Projectionist by day, Photographer & Filmmaker by night

  • Enjoys:

    • Traveling to new and old places (Austin, TX anytime)

    • Films & Cinematography (Young Frankenstein is my #1)

    • Hiking

    • Playing DND

    • Coffee (Hint hint)

    • Cats!


Denell Sadler

  • Photographer for 6 years

  • An actual mermaid

  • Has a fat cat named Scully who is, arguably, the best cat. Also known as Big Boy (He’s the biggest Boy)

  • Her passion is truly for photographing bands and concerts, and is always able to magically reach the best spot in the crowd.

  • Young Medicine’s #1 fan (Go check out their music they’re amazing)

  • Enjoys:

    • Collecting dice

    • Literally everything Nintendo, especially Animal Crossing

    • Cross stitching

    • Tea (Wink wink)

    • Also loves cats. Might actually be the main character from The Cat Returns.