Nakakon 2019 | Returning to Cosplay Photography

Last year I set a goal for myself to take more photos and to explore different types of portrait photography. But due to unforeseen circumstances I pretty much ended up taking a year long hiatus from photography.

This year though, things started to turn around pretty quick. I started carrying my camera around more and just didn’t worry about what I exactly I was shooting as long as I was just doing it. That led to me taking my camera to follow my S.O around our local anime convention, and while most of these photos are of them, I did get the chance to take some photos of some other great cosplayers and friends of ours.

About 5 years ago I had my first experience in cosplay photography, and while I loved the concept of it, I never thought I was cut out for it. But, after taking these photos I have a bit more hope and inspiration for it. I still of course have a lot to learn but! I like to think that these are a great step forward into photographing more cosplays. And it definitely helps that my wonderful partner is an amazing cosplayer themselves!

- Megan