Let’s get down to business

We’ll be the first to admit that we do a lot of stuff, and different things call for different pricing. Most photographers usually just have their pricing listed for only weddings or just portraits, some even require you to reach out for a quote, and while that might work for them, we don’t like to work that way. We want to be clear and upfront with you and we don’t want you to be afraid that you’re walking into something way outside your budget. Below we have listed our “packages” (so to speak) but again these are not set in stone prices! We absolute understand staying within in a budget and we’ll absolutely work with you on this! We don’t want a price tag to get in the way of us getting to know you!

Take a look at what we got and if you have any questions give us a shout!

Weddings .I
Portraits/Lifestyle .II



Love is love is love is love


Megan | $1300+
Denell (Full Day) | $600


  • Weddings are stressful and literally anything that can happen. That said, we are making ourselves available for up to 10 hours! The last thing we want you stressing out about on your important day is running out of time with us.

  • You get Megan all day as your lead photographer, and Denell as your second photographer before the ceremony and during the ceremony for free. To have her for the entire day as well, there is an additional fee.

  • We edit all photos that are taken! We don’t believe in a photo limit or a cut off number. If they look good we’ll edit them and deliver them to you!

  • We add all of the photos high resolution to an online client gallery with full release rights that you’ll be able to access.

  • Wedding albums and prints are offered a la carte. We print through H&H Professional Color Lab located in Raytown, MO


  • You will get both Megan and Denell for the session

  • If you would like to schedule a longer session, each extra hour is an additional $50


We would absolutely love to travel! But due to both of us having full time jobs we have a couple things you should keep in mind:

  • We are available to travel to anywhere in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, or Iowa!

  • We are guaranteed to be able to travel Friday - Sunday. If your event takes place outside of the weekend, we might be able to make exceptions.

  • If your event fits these guidelines and you’re interested in hiring us, give us a shout and we can talk about additional fees to cover travel costs!




All portrait sessions start at $115


  • At the heart of everything we’re portrait photographers through and through. We love capturing exciting moments and people. This is why we’re available to book any type of portrait session you can think of. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Family or children

    • Cosplay

    • Couples

    • Graduation

    • Acting/Modeling

    • Maternity

  • We are not a studio based photography business so all of our shoots take place on location, but this allows us to work with you and find a location that shows your unique style! Whether it’s your home, your favorite place to be, or someplace that shows off that beautiful KC skyline, we’ll help you decide on the perfect place for you.

    • Please note that there may be some additional cost depending on some public locations that require a photo license to take professional photos. This can be discussed when we’re chatting about what location you’d like

  • If you’d like to have multiple locations for your shoot, each additional location is $25.

  • All photos are sorted and edited and those that make it through the final process will be delivered to you.

  • All edited photos will be uploaded in high resolution to an online client gallery that you can personally access, along with full release rights